Never Lose the Sparkle with These Make Up Tips for Green Eyes

One of the reasons why you should brush up on the different make up tips for green eyes is you don’t want to lose that special sparkle. Green eyes are probably the most beautiful you’ll ever find in the world. It would be so unfortunate if you will lose their color simply because you don’t know how to wear the eye makeup.

Green Eye Makeup Tips

Here are some green eye makeup ideas you should never do without. First know that there are different shades of green. Some are really dark green, while the others are only very light. When choosing the best eye makeup, it’s highly recommended you settle for the contrast of the green eyes’ intensity.

This means that if you have lighter shade of green, you can go a little bit darker with the eyeshadow. On the other hand, if you have darker green eyes, go easy on the eyeshadows. The purpose of this is to never divert the attention from the green eyes to the makeup you put on. Don’t allow the makeup to steal the show.

There are times when you want to have smokey eyes for a more dramatic effect. This is actually quite easy to pull through. Normally, you simply need to thicken the application of your eyeliner and mascara. Apply a few coats of the latter, and make sure you can put on the eyeliner on top and below the eyelids.

However, there should also be times when the more natural look should be pursued. This is especially true for teenagers. You need to keep in mind that you have to appear wholesome when you go to school or even go out with your friends. You also have to tone down the makeup and avoid the smokey effect if you’re going to an office.

There are also make up tips for green eyes and blonde hair. You can make use of the plum or purple shades. It’s also possible to also go with the color green, but depending on how dark the blonde hair is, the green shade can be very light or quite dark.

You can utilize the silver and gray shades, but make sure you don’t make your eyes look icy or bland. You can also make use of the colors normally associated with brown eyes, such as the brown shades. Nevertheless, if your eyes are more of hazel, you may want to stay away from the brown eyeshadow since it can only make your eyes look more brown.

How to Do Make Up for Green Eyes

One of the best eye make up tips for green eyes is to rely on your own skill. It’s always nice to know how to blend colors that will perfectly suit your preference and personality. Nevertheless, if you want to have the right makeup now, then you should rely on the expertise of a professional.

There are two techniques you can follow. First, you can apply one color for your entire eye, which provides you with a more natural look. However, if you want to emphasize the depth or the crease of the eye, then you should search for a pair of complementary tones.

Make Up Tips for Green Eyes: Find Them Online

There are more make up tricks for green eyes available for you, and one of the best places to look for them is in the World Wide Web. In a matter of minutes, you can already have a lot of ideas on the makeup styles for green eyes by just looking at the pictures.