Make Up Tips for Eyes Novices Can Follow Easily

The problem with some of the make up tips for eyes is that they are far too complicated to follow. Thus, you end up messing up the way you look. If not, you’re completely scared of mending the mistakes as you don’t want to commit the same thing again. You’re stuck with the usual look, or worse, you don’t know how to make the most out of your eye makeup.

Fortunately, there are easy rules to follow, and they are just perfect for the beginners. You can start with the following:

Make Up Tips for Eyes: Use the Eye Color

One of the common factors you need to consider when applying eye makeup is the color of the eyes. No eye color is boring. Each of them is beautiful, and you want to use the eye makeup to make sure the hues definitely pop up, and they can attract positive attention from others.

The general rule when it comes to applying eye makeup is to settle for contrast. You can use a color wheel for that. For instance, one of the eye make up tips for blue eyes is to use the shades of orange, such as copper and rust, since they belong to the opposite end of the wheel.

However, there are times when you don’t have to go against the eye color at all but know the tone you should pick. One of the make up tips for brown eyes is to actually still use brown, but you can choose between plum and other shades of it, depending on how brown your eyes are.

An interesting eye color is the hazel eyes, since theirs can shift. Some hazel eyes are more brown, green, blue or gray. One of the make up tips for hazel eyes is to observe the color first carefully.

For your green eyes, your choices of colors can be deep purples, deep greens, coppers, pinks, and peaches, to name a few.

You can also complement the color of the eye makeup to that of your hair or even to the color of your skin. Black-skinned people don’t have to settle for darker shades. If you’re going out on daytime, it’s best to wear the lighter shade. In the process, the blondes can wear something dark, especially if they want to achieve smokey eyes.

Make Up Tips for Eyes: Get Them Bigger

Another reason why you should apply the different make up techniques for eyes is you want to make them look bigger than they already are. If you have small eyes, especially if you’re Asian, then you have to make them big by settling for much bolder colors. Put dark eyeliner on top and below the eyelids. Wear several coats of mascara to create the illusion of long lashes.

You need to be careful, though, particularly if you have no intention of looking gothic. Too-dark makeup can make you look extremely dark, which may not go well with the dress you’re planning to wear or the personality you have. Two coats of mascara may already be enough if you’re going out on datytime.

Finding More Make Up Tips for Eyes

If you wish to get more make up tips for eyeshadow or how to upgrade your entire look just focusing on the eyes, you simply need to go online. You can scour for hundreds of pictures, a lot of them lifted from current fashion magazines. You can determine which appearance you wish to emulate and take some time to experiment with them.